Brabant Hash House Harriers

Den Bosch - Dordrecht - Eindhoven - Helmond - Tilburg

Dutch Kennels

1st and 3rd Sunday of the Month

2nd Sunday of the Month

4th Sunday of the Month

Every 29.4 days at a Full Moon

Wednesday evenings in Summertime and Sundays during Wintertime


Manneke Pis
Brussels is not far away


Aachen, just across the border

In Case You Did Not Know

We are just another drinking club with a running problem. Because beer is so much better after you done some work for it. And no, running is not compulsory, nor is getting drunk. Kids and dogs are also welcome. (Fair warning, we might eat dogs and children in case we run out of meat at a BBQ)

Upcoming Runs

This is a tentative planning for the beginning of the next year -


January 23

February 27

March 27

April 24

Annual Specials

In more or less chronological order and all depending on corona and other mishaps of course

Amsterdam - Spooky Halloween
Amsterdam - Lights + Erwtensoep
The Hague - Robby Burns
Brabant - Tilburg Carnaval
Opee -
The Hague
- KingsDay
Brabant - Kermis-Hash-Sunday
Amsterdam - Gay for a Day
FILTH - Boaty McBoat

What do we do?

What do we do?

The Hash House Harriers are a social running clubbed steeped in traditions. Members come in all shapes, sizes, abilities, ages and fitness levels.

Hashing is a mixture of athleticism and sociability, hedonism and hard work, a refreshing escape from the nine-to-five dweebs you're stuck with five days a week. Hashing is an exhilaratingly fun combination of running, orienteering, and partying, where bands of harriers and harriettes chase hares and follow trails on eight-to-ten kilometer-long trails (4-6 km for those who walk) through town, forest and desert, all in search of exercise, camaraderie and good times.

Most of us are expats or ex-expats but aboriginals are welcome as well.There is always a beer stop and running is not compulsory at all.


in no particular order -- There are no fixed mismanagement positions -- There have only been a few runs so far. Whom-ever shows up regularly and/or sets a run is automatically part of mismanagement. That is how we do things in Brabant. We have only one rule, there will be pre-run beers --- Always ! ---

Whaaaah !

E-mail -
WhatsApp - +31 639 281 596

Snow Means No !

E-mail -
WhatsApp - +31 639 281 598

Just The Tip

E-mail -
WhatsApp +31 615 340 467

Pink Panter

E-mail -
WhatsApp - +31 629 101 905

Our Main Events


Tilburg hosts the largest 10 day Kermis of the world. The Kermis ends on the last Sunday of July. This closing day is known to the world as "Kermis-Hash-Sunday". A brilliant run, ample time to take a few rides and w'll have a BBQ to finish it off.

Carnaval weekend

We have a run on the Carnaval Saturday, there will be food, we dress up and we hit town for a Brabant Carnaval. There is a SleepOver party at Pink's place. On Sunday we will try to convince Opee to set a hangover trail. Then lunch of course and we close the day by watching the Carnaval Parade.

When is it going to be you ask! Just four easy steps.

  1. There is the equinox, somewhere near March 21st.

  2. There is the first full moon after this equinox.

  3. There is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the equinox.

    Still with us?

  4. Then go back 43 days please.

That is when the Carnaval weekend starts. Simple !

"Wij Zullen Niet Verdorsten"

De-hydration is one of the most horrible things that can happen in ones life. Therefore we are a drinking club but with only a slight running problem. We do some running (8-12 km) or walking (5-7 km) with the sole purpose to induce a healthy thirst that needs to be clenched, obviously.

A proper run has a beerstop along the way and much more beer and nibbles at the end of the trail.

Run Archive 2020-2021

Run #8 - 24 October - 1330hrs
Note the starting time

Snow Means No !

Location is Chez Whaaaah ! and Snow !
- Koning Markweg 27,
- 5625 EX Eindhoven, Nederland

Bag drop is YES

Parking your car is YES

Don't want to run but walk is YES

Hash Cash is €5

Run is A to A. One bus ride (405 or 406 to Gerretsonlaan or #3 to Lohengrinlaan) from the Eindhoven Centraal Station or an OV-fiets ride (15 min).

Walking trail is stroller friendly.

Run #7 - 26 September - 1500hrs

Hares are Bleeding From Below and his lovely Too Hot To Trot

Location is Rowing Club De Hertog
- Citadellaan 28 - 5211 XB Den Bosch
- 10 minute walk from the train station

Bag drop is Yes
Parking your car is Yes as well
Don't want to run but walk is
Yes also

For the rest, wait and see. There will be pre-run beers. This is Brabant after all, you should be used to that by now.

Sunday 22 August - it will be a full moon as well that day. FILTH is in Prague at the EuroHash. Snow and Whaaaah are also abroad. Unless something spectacular happens, there will not be a run on the 22nd. Please let us know how you think about this. E-mail

#6 Tilburg Kermis Hash Sunday

There we have it, the traditional Tilburg Kermis Hash Sunday for the second time already. We pass by or go over the biggest kermis in the world. Bring some extra cash if you want to do a few rides. There will be pre-run beers, two (TWO) beerstops, a circle and a BBQ to top it off. Because of corona, the kermis will be a bit smaller than normal, but bigger than last year.

When - Sunday 25 July - 1500 hrs

Hare - Pink Panter

Where - Chez Pink
Anna Paulownahof 161 - 5038 VX Tilburg, a 10 minute walk from the train station or take an ov-fiets.

Hash Cash - €5 - BBQ - €5

Yes, bag drop available - Yes, ample parking available, You are Pink's guest. Give your licence plate and double check with Pink that your parking fee is actually paid.

When you are lost, lonely or just feel the need to talk to someone +31629101905

We need numbers - announce your presence up front and let know whether you are a veggie or otherwise.

Cross Border invasion

This was supposed to be the ACDC maiden run on Saturday 25 June. We decided to cancel this away hash. There are corona restrictions and the run-site is difficult to reach by public transport. Remember that Aachen is very easy to get to and home again, we will most definitely pay a visit when the run is easy to reach from NL or there are less restrictions.

#1 Away hash in Antwerpen

Bleeding is haring for Brussels H3 in Antwerpen. We might as well join them, it is very well doable by public transport from Brabant.

When - 13th of June, 2021 - 1500 hrs

Where - Antwerpen - Droogdokkenpark
at the end of the sloepenweg is the droogdokkenpark

Hare - Bleeding From Below & Too Hot Too Trot

Hash Cash - None - this is BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer)

Walkers trail - Yes

Bag drop - Yes

How to get there - Take the train to Anwerp Central and then the tram 24 to the docks for 5 stops (Antwerpen London) followed by a 12 minute walk. For those who have a NS-weekend-free abbo, the round-trip to Antwerp will then cost ye €14 and €4 for the tram (also round trip). Last train back to NL will depart at 21:44.

Good to know - Keep your distance and bring your own drinking vessel and content - Covid is still there

#5 Bossche Bollen Pinkster run

When - 23rd of May, 2021 - 1500 hrs

Where - Bastion Maria (7 minute walk from train station)
Westwal 4C, 5211DB Den Bosch

Hare - Anal Intro

Hash Cash - €5

Walkers trail - Yes

Bag drop - YESSSSSSS !

Parking - Yes, on both sites of the river are parking spots, not free but not as expensive as Amsterdam either

Good to know - Keep your distance and bring your own drinking vessel. Covid is still there

#4 - Thirty Years A Virgin

When: Sunday 27 September, 14:30

Where: Station Helmond Brandevoort

Hare: 30 Years A Virgin

Good to know: 30 Years a virgin and its whole family want you to come over and enjoy Brabant style hashing. Direct trains from Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam to Eindhoven. Then just a one stop with the local train (diretion Deurne). Piece of cake, walk in the park ect ect ect

#3 - Pink Panter Strikes Again

When: Sunday 23 August, 14:30

Where: Chez Pink - Anna Paulownahof 161. 5038VX Tilburg - A twelve minute leisurely stroll from Tilburg Station

Hare: Pink Panter

Good to know: BBQ - We light a fire and burn some meat and vegetarian stuff after the circle.

RSVP, we do not want to run out of beer and food.

#2 - Kermis-Hash-Sunday

Yes, Carnaval was cancelled, but the kermis is not. We have our run on the last day of this 10 day event. Perhaps the trail will follow the Kermis but not go inside, just to avoid the COVID-19. You can hear and see the Kermis, but not join. Be safe.

With regard to Covid-19 - We follow the instructions of RIVM and the Government -

Good to know - we are having the circle and a BBQ in the "Park for Freedom" just around the corner (43.47 meters as the bird flies). So this is an A to A to B run. RSVP if you want food, also mention when you are a veggie.

( or 0629 101 905 or FaceBook )

What - BH3#2 Kermis-Hash-Sunday
Hare - Pink Panter

- WhatsApp: 0629 101 905
- Email:

When - Sunday July 26, 2020 - 14:30
Where - Chez Pink & Park for Freedom

- Anna Paulownahof 161, 5038VX Tilburg - It is a 12 minute leisurely strawl from Tilburg Station, or rent an OV-fiets - Free car parking available, but give hare licence plate number, otherwize ....

Brabant H3 Maiden Run

What - BH3#1
Who - Snow Means NO (0639 281 598)
Whaaaah (0639 281 596)
When - Saturday June 27th , 2020 - 14:30
Where - Chez Snow Means Whaaaah

- Sint Servaasweg 28, 5614 CB Eindhoven - Friendly suggestion - Take an ov-fiets from Eindhoven CS for a 10 minutes bicycle ride

Hash Cash - 5
Bag drop - Yes