Karnaval in Tilburg

The rest of the Dutch have no clue whatsoever

18-19 February, 2023 in Tilburg

RSVP if you wont food and crash space
- Who Else is Caming -

There is only ONE hash kennel in the South, that is where it is going to be. A run on the Saturday afternoon, food, we dress up and we hit town (that part is pay as you go). Take the last train home or crash at chez Pink. Breakfast, hangover run, lunch. We complete the weekend with watching the parade with gluhwhine. You can drop out any time you want. Pink has four soft sleeping places and same ra- tag blankets and bed-sheets in case of emergency (everybody knows we are talking about Jesus, but he is in denial).   RSVP

If you  don't want to crash at chez Pink, book a hotel or B&B or hostel. Don't wait to long with that, Karnaval is a busy time and facilities are sold out quite fast. Try this one, short walking distance from train station, chez Pink and city center. https://hostelroots.nl/